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Metropolitan Association Association Directory

(MT 532)

Updated 2018


For more information about the Metro Association, please click here to go to their Association webpage. 



President – Rev. Dr. Henry T. Simmons

Vice President – Undetermined

Secretary – Ms. Joycelyn Howell

Treasurer – Dr. Ruth Shaffer


Executive Committee:

Rev. Dr. Henry T. Simmons

Vice President _____________

Ms. Joycelyn Howell

Dr. Ruth Shaffer

Ms. Margaret Mainusch

Rev. Dr. Lisa Robinson



Moderator – Ms. Margaret Mainusch

Vice Moderator – Rev. Dr. Lisa Robinson


Committee Chairs and Liaisons:

Association Meeting Planning Committee – Rev. Dr. Lisa Robinson, Ms. Louise Manigault Executive Administrator

Justice Committee – Rev. Emily Brown

Congregational Development and Standing – Rev. Dr. William Nye

Ecumenical & Interfaith Dialogue – Ms. Melva Victorino

Finance Committee – Dr. Ruth Shaffer

Mission Priorities & Stewardship – Committee currently non-functioning

Spiritual Life and Practice

Nominating Committee – Ms. Deborah Dee Brayton

Committee on Ministry – Rev. Kris Watkins

Personnel Committee – Mr. Jacob Thomas

Scholarship Committee

UCC Metro Women – Ms. Melva Victorino

5575 Thompson Rd. • DeWitt, NY 13214 • 315-446-3073 • Fax: 315-446-3076 •