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New York School of Ministry

The New York School of Ministry (NYSOM) is designed to deepen the knowledge, skills, and spiritual life of all who participate.

We offer a variety of webconferenced courses, where participants interact with their instructors in real time and are in conversation with peers “face to face” from their home computers. We sponsor two 24-hour learning events at retreat centers in New York each year.

These opportunities are open to everyone who is interested. Everyone is welcome. 

You might be active in your congregation or not; you might be UCC or not; you might be seeking continuing education or just looking to grow in a new direction.

In addition to courses and learning events, we offer certificate programs, which prepare individuals for supply preaching, or for licensed, commissioned, or ordained ministry.


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Ned Holderby and his mentor

Ned Holderby with his mentor as he receives the Christian Leadership Certificate

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For a copy of the Marks of Faithful and Effective Ministers from the UCC, click here


Mary Larson

Mary Larson graduated from the Word & Sacrament Program in November. She is the fifth graduate of the program. She will be ordained on February 11, 2018.

   NYSOM’s Word and Sacrament Program is a place where those who believe God has called them to ministry can grow, learn, and explore the possibilities of God’s calling outside a traditional classroom setting. 
   For me, the combination of talented and committed teachers, who pushed me to grow in my ability to express my theology and to serve God’s people in many ways, is priceless. This program enabled me, while working full time, to also work on my dream to follow God’s call for my life. 



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Supply Preacher Certificate Program from New York UCC on Vimeo.

A graduate of the program shares her experience.

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