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Twenty-Four Hour Learning Events


Fall Learning Event October 26-27 at the White Eagle Center, Hamilton, New York

NEW! WebConferenced Winter Learning Event February 2 from 9:00 am-3:00 pm


Previous Offerings
Pre-Annual Meeting Lay Course 2018
Why Paul Matters:  The Creative Genius of the Apostle to the Gentiles – Presented by Rev. Dr. J. Mark Lawson
Because Paul’s letters have been canonized as Scripture, his words have traditionally been given authority equal to the teachings of Christ. On the other hand, since the mid-20th century, Paul has frequently been accused of distorting the original teaching of Christ and laying the groundwork for Christian anti-Semitism, sexism, racism, and homophobia. Contending that the Apostle has been misunderstood and misappropriated by both critics and admirers, Dr. Lawson will place Paul in his religious, cultural, and political context and help participants appreciate how his developing theology ensured that the “Way” begun by Jesus would grow into a world religion. 
“It made me think and reflect and wrestle”

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Self-Care for Leaders                                                        
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Be the Church: Mission Planning for Vitality and Impact

  2017FallLE 2

"From Management to Leadership: How Leadership Styles Motivate and Empower Vital Ministry"Marsha Henderson 3.2
Rev. Dr. Marsha Williams
“This was the most engaging time I’ve experienced in NYSOM – expand it!”
 “Greatly expanded my understanding of leadership”
 “Excellent topic – outstanding presenter – Marsha is fantastic!”

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listen to thisworking together 2Watch this!



"Discerning the Body: What We Need to Know About Our Churches to Lead Them Effectively through Change"

 Rev. Dr. Mark Lawson  2016

“One of the most dynamic and engaging NYSOM programs I have attended.”

“This needs to be taught in all seminary field-ed programs.”

“Mark’s presentation was very enlightening! Valuable stuff.”

“I always think I’m too busy to take the time for these retreats…and am always thankful I did when it’s over…so necessary both personally and professionally."

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"Seeing in the Dark: Framing and Testing a Vision in Community"
Rev. Beth DuBois
“Great fellowship — developed some friendships & embraced some new visions/ideas to take back to my church.”
“It was informative and inspiring.”
“A host of ideas from fields beyond theology/religion. New approach to me.”



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