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Conference Per Capita

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Over the next several weeks most of our Associations will vote on whether they support the initiation of a conference per capita. Last week we held a webinar to answer question on the per capita. You can see that presentation by clicking this link: 

Several excellent questions were raised during the Webinar, among them were these:

  1. Are Associations required to pay the $2 per capita for churches that don’t pay anything to the Association?
    Answer: No
  2. If a church pays the Association per capita amount but not the Conference per capita, does the Association need to take the $2 out of the Association per capita for the Conference?
    Answer: No. The Association per capita comes first.
  3. If a church pays its conference per capita but does not pay any OCWM, will they receive search and call services from the conference (given our policy of no services to $0 OCWM giving churches)?
    Answer: The policy is that a church must pay a minimum of 1% of their operating income to receive services. If they are a $0 OCWM giving church and they pay the per capita, we will calculate whether the per capita meets the 1% requirement. If not, the church would be invoiced the difference BEFORE services are rendered.

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